The Hunting of The Snark.

Hello. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I'm Kyle. But I also go by Alyx online. I'm 22, and gay. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Billy, and you can check out his tumblr by following the little link below.

This is my Beloved here
Indeed, this would be him.

I'm nerdy and geeky, love theatre and singing. My blog is about just everything and anything that tickles my fancy.

It's also worth noting that I am a novice wood carver, and I like to carve wands. If you would like to commission one, please get in contact with me, and we'll see if I can't make the wand of your dream. (Although, thats not to say that wands are the only thing I will carve.) I love what I do, and would love to make you a wand, since it gives me the opportunity to carve a wand I would have never thought of elsewise.

I'm also a furry! I am a Dingo. If you'd like to, you may check out my FA page or my SF page. I have a few stories of adult nature posted to my SF. You are more than welcome to check those out.

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{ Team StarKid }


Here’s to wondering if I’ll lose or gain followers from this. haha. 

not the best quality I know. but I was taking these by myself, its wasn’t easy. 

EDIT: btw, my room is a hell of a lot cleaner now. haha. that was a transitional period for my room, where things were getting moved around. So naturally, it was messy.

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